TC bolt: what are the safety requirements for heat treatment?

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TC bolt: what are the safety requirements for heat treatment?
There are more and more forms of heat treatment for twisting and shearing bolts. All walks of life have been carried out, and all the products are processed by heat treatment. What are the safety requirements for heat treatment processing?
1, before operation, we must first familiarise ourselves with the heat treatment process and the equipment to be used.
2, when you operate, you must wear the necessary protective clothing, such as work clothes, gloves, protective glasses and so on.
3, between heating equipment and cooling equipment, shall not place anything that prevents operation.
4, mixed carburizing agent, sandblasting and so on in the separate room, and should set up enough ventilation equipment.
5, dangerous areas of equipment (such as electric lead, bus bar, conductive rod and transmission mechanism) should be protected by wire mesh, fence, and plate.
6. All tools used for heat treatment should be arranged in a systematic way. No residual or improper tools are allowed.
7, the entry and exit of workshop and workshop access shall be accessible. In the vicinity of the nozzle of the heavy oil furnace and the nozzle of the gas stove, fire extinguishing sand boxes should be installed, and fire extinguishers should be placed in the workshop.
8, after heat treatment of the workpiece, do not use to touch, so as not to cause burns. [torsional shear bolt]
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