Fasteners go to the world

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Yongnian,the hometown of fasteners.It is famous for fasteners.

There are the biggest production base and entrepot,the most professional sales market,the widdest coverage logistics...

All these datas are based on the generations of hard work.

Over the years,there is the low level technology,weak technological innovative ablity and weak market competitiveness.Some enterprises in order to make itself more competitve to decrease the price viciously.It makes the profit decrease and industry looks big but not strong.

Only make fasteners go to International market,it will make us know about the disparity and insufficiency.

1.Integration  individual workshop-group

To imporve standardization fasteners.Yongnian goverment won't one-cut,classfied policy.After 7 months,5017 enterprises are cracked down and purging.Now 1673 enterprises up to standard.

2.Transformation and upgrading to mid-to-high end

There are more and more fasteners enterprises quick the pace in  transformation.They are make up a relatively big shear of Yongnian fasteners.It sign fasteners by ordinary train change the bullet train.

3.Promotion of science and technology content extension market

The promotion of quality,it make more steady in the domestic market,and gradually go abroad.At present,Yongnian Fasteners sales network all over the county.It set up more than 20 offices all over the world.

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