What are the notices for the installation of steel structure bolts?

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What are the notices for the installation of steel structure bolts?
Bolt is a steel structure connector, according to the bearing capacity can be divided into two kinds of ordinary bolts and high strength bolts, Wuhan Xia Xiang Industry and Trade Co., Ltd. to introduce attention to the construction of steel structure bolts.
1. For the bolt connection of dynamic load or important parts, the spring washer should be placed according to the design requirements, and the spring washer must be placed on the side of the nut.
2, the installation of high-strength bolts should be free to penetrate holes, and forcibly penetrate. The diameter of the high strength bolted steel plate is slightly larger than that of the bolt diameter and must be drilled.
3. The form of the high strength bolt is usually divided into friction connection, tension connection and pressure connection, and the friction connection is the basic connection widely used at present.
4, the installation order of high strength bolts should be carried out from the rigid part to the unrestrained free end. A high strength bolt on a joint should be screwed in the middle of the bolt group from the middle of the bolt group to the four sides, and each twist is marked with different colors of paint to prevent leakage. In the same joint, the initial, final and final tightening of high strength bolts should be completed in 24h. If there is no provision for design, it is advisable to follow the construction sequence of fastening bolts with high strength bolts after welding.
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