Installation and use of large six angle bolts for steel structure

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Installation and use of large six angle bolts for steel structure
The installation and use of high strength fasteners is directly related to the quality and service life of fasteners. The safety of bolts is a primary consideration.
The high strength and large six angle bolt connection should be supplied by the torque coefficient, the average torque coefficient of the same batch connection is 0.110~0.150, and the standard deviation of the torque coefficient should be less than or equal to 0.010. Each connection includes 1 bolts, 1 nuts and 2 gaskets, and shall be manufactured in the same batch.
The main factors that affect the high intensity are:
The six angle bolts of steel structure parts should be carried out in accordance with the design and construction specifications in the selection of material, thickness of steel plate, cutting, coating and installation. Otherwise, the pre bearing capacity of steel structures will be reduced or lost, and the safety of the bolts will be reduced.
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