What should be done before the inspection of the welding nail?

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(1) check the welding pin before welding, and ensure that there is no rust, oxide scale, grease, damp or other defects that affect the welding quality.
(2) the porcelain ring used for welding should be kept dry. If the porcelain ring is dampened by the damage of the package, it should be dried before welding, the drying temperature is 120 C, and the heat preservation is two hours.
(3) there should be no harmful substances such as oxide scale, rust or moisture that affect the welding quality in the 50mm range of the welding studs.
(4) when the length of the feed wire is less than 50mm, its cross section should not be less than 35mm2; at the same time, a special power supply with sufficient capacity must be used, its capacity is generally 100KVA - 150KVA, and the rain and sunscreen should be protected. The distribution box should be near the bolt welder to facilitate the rapid cutting off of the power supply. The minimum distance between the body of the welding machine and the wall or other obstacles is 20cm, so as to ensure the air circulation around the welder and heat dissipation.
The welding method of stud welding: the welding machine welding gun power supply, the cylindrical stud sleeve on the welding gun, the arc guard ring, the starting welding gun, the current fuse and the arc light, after a short time, the columnar stud is melted at the top of the base material at a certain speed, and the stud stud welding of the power supply is fixed on the base material. The basic principle and welding procedure of studs are as follows: the way to weld metal studs to the work plane is called stud welding. The stud welding is called in the construction project. It belongs to the category of weld pressure welding. There are 2 kinds of stud welding: common stud welding and penetration stud welding; common stud welding is also called non penetration stud welding. Penetrated stud welding is used for composite floor and composite beams. When welded, the profiled steel sheets are welded to make the studs, profiled steel plates and steel members join together in three ways. Profiled steel plate thickness 0.6, 0.8, 1, 1.2, 1.6mm, galvanized. In construction, the pressure plate plays the role of the die. There are two kinds of stud welders: arc stud welder and energy storage stud welder. The energy storage welder is suitable for stud welding with smaller diameter (below 8mm and below). Arc stud welder is adopted for larger pin diameter (8mm above 28mm and below).
1.1 stud
D - pin diameter, DK - stud head diameter and D1 - weld diameter.
H - height of welding part, K stud head height and R chamfer radius
The specifications of the studs are: 8, 8, 10, 13, 16, 19, 22, 25, 28 and so on. Stud shape of stud
1.2. Time sequence of welding process
The timing of arc stud welding process is short circuit - lifting arc welding - nail drop - electric forging - end of welding.
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